The Criminal Investigations Unit’s mission is to recreate crimes through the processes of questioning victims, witnesses and suspects, locating physical evidence at the scene of a crime, and by tracing stolen property or vehicles associated with a crime. The goal is to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that a suspect did commit the specific crime for which he or she is charged in a court of law.


Over the past two decades, crime has evolved with technology and has forced agencies to struggle to keep up. The Greene County Sheriff's Office has taken proactive steps, such as training and investing in more advanced surveillance and computer/mobile device forensic technology, to stay up to date and ahead of the growing tech crimes such as Identity Fraud and Credit Card Fraud. 

Cocaine Seizure
Armed Robbery Suspect

Captain Scott Smith began his career at the Wilkes County Sheriff's Office in 1990 and took a position with the Greene County Sheriff's Office in 2000. He served as a Patrol Deputy, a K-9 handler specializing in bomb detection and as an Investigator before being appointed as the Commander of the Criminal Investigation's Division.